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These three words formed the foundation of our success in the identification of insurance fraud.

We became the investigative leader with 3 simple rules:

     First,  SPECIALIZE by working only for insurance companies and their attorneys.

     Second, provide ethical RESULTS that quickly identifies fraud to fairly settle legitimate claims or identify and prosecute fraud.

provide prompt, professional SERVICE wherever you work.

Accomplishing these lofty goals was not easy. We invented or converted many of the innovations that today are the standard of the industry.











From the fabrication and implementation of new video equipment; the creation of staff curriculum in ethics and law; precise reporting formats to the programming our own case management software, technology and innovation have guided our company through 3 decades of success!

As we grew, we never forgot those 3 original founding philosophies. Although we have grown and expanded our smaller, local branch teams provide the personal service that our client have come to expect.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consider us in awe. You probably didn't realize that most of what you perceive as routine in the investigative industry was originally thought of, designed or engineered by the founders of Identifax Investigative Service.



Identifax has evolved from one single office to a group of remote, independently managed branch offices. Our Corporate Office now oversees the many affiliated branch offices that make up our investigative teams. Our clients benefit from the personal service of a smaller operation along with the resources of a large, national company.


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