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2016 - Identifax Founder retires from the company. Bianca Abrams takes over leadership of the company.
2012 - Steve Robinson takes over our TAMPA office.
2015 -We begin our 100,00th investigation assignment.
2012 - We become an APPROVED VENDOR for 2 Large, National Carriers
2012 - We attend the FIFEC and WCI 2012 Workmans' Compensation claims conferences in Orlando Florida. We continue to exhibit each year.
2012 - We complete our 90,000th investigative assignment!


2011 - Identifax looks forward to our 30th successful year in business!!!

2010- We enter OUR 29TH YEAR in the business of investigating insurance fraud.

2008 - Identifax completes our 80,000th investigative assignment!

2007- We create the NATIONAL INVESTIGATIVE ALLIANCE consisting of the very best investigators across the USA and now offer nationwide services.

2005 - Our President is approved by the Board of Education as an instructor for continuing Education Credits.
2003 - CASEFILES FOR WINDOWS 2.0 , our own proprietary WAN Based Windows Case Management, Claimant Database and Billing software is installed.
2003 - Identifax raises our E & O Insurance policy limits to $5,000,000.00 aggregate
1997 - Our President is awarded the Florida Certified Investigator Certification
1997 - Identifax completes our 50,000th investigative assignment!
1996 - We offer our VHS surveillance footage to clients on CD ROM, then later on DVD ROM
1995 - Our staff begins using low light digital" Pinhole" video cameras for surveillance. We can now go anywhere!
1995 - All our experienced, resident Branch Managers become business partners in the Identifax companies. Upper management attrition is effectively eliminated.
1994 - J.C. Priddy becomes the first Private Investigator to sit as a member on the Florida Work Comp Task Force, operated by the FL. Division of Insurance.
1991 - Identifax opens 3 additional branch offices. All are linked by Internet WAN to our central main offices. We create our very first Identifax Web Site on the Net.
1990 - We open our second remote branch office in Ft. Myers, Florida. Identifax offers Asset Plus+ subrogation investigations.
1989 - We open our very first branch office in Orlando, Florida. We complete our 20,000th assignment.
1988 - Identifax begins the use of color video stills of surveillance highlights in all our investigative reports. We begin a switch to Digital Video Equipment.
1985 - Identifax management begins offering in house training seminars to our larger clients.

1984 - Identifax Utilizes IBM Model 25 Computers to network all our office workstations.

We complete our 10,000th assignment.

1982 - We install 2-way trunked "Police" style radios in our investigator's vehicles to provide real time direction of our staff.
1981 - Identifax implements Digital Equipment (DEC) Word Processors for Investigative Report creation.
 1981 - Identifax relocates from Boston, Ma. to Florida.

1980 - We machine a metal adapter to attach a cannon 35mm. Camera lens to a Panasonic Professional

WV 3150 video camera and AG2400 recorder. Super 8mm movie movie film for surveillance's is now dead!

1979 - Mr. Priddy begins programming what will become CASEFILES FOR DOS 1.0 , our own custom designed Case Management and Billing software.

1978 - Identifax's founder, J.C. Priddy gains experience as an Auto Theft Detective in Boston, Ma.

He is certified as an automotive expert trial witness.


All Identifax investigative research is strictly regulated by the following statutes:
the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. Sec 1681
et seq) "FCRA"
The GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY ACT (U.S.C Title 15, Chapter 94, Section 6801 et seq)
The Drivers Protection Act (18 U.S.C. Section 272)

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